I never had this on my vision board

November 7, 2023

A little bit more about me

People ask me all the time, “Did you always know you wanted to start something like Mood House? Were you in the wellness/spa world?” And the answer is, no… like, not at all.

I've gotten to know so many of you (thousands!) since we opened in 2021. I see you at Mood House, but I also love our member events and Instagram DM chats. I genuinely feel like this is a community of friends, and I want to start sharing more of my own experiences and favorite little luxuries with you… because that's what friends do.

SO, we're going to kick this thing off with a little bit about me.

(1) Before I sent you emails (sign up here) about massage appointments, I was the editor of SouthPark and Carolina Bride magazines, and president of Charlotte Agenda (now Axios Charlotte). I love great design. I love the thrill of building something new. I love creating something that inspires others. And I still get to do all of those things now in my Mood House era.

Wondering how inspiration struck to start Mood House? Here's the quick version.

(2) I have a really big vision for Mood House and what it can be. Huge. I never want to play small here. And I'm massively grateful you are here on this journey with our team.

(3) Miscellaneous fun facts! I'm a Davidson Wildcat '10 (yes that means I'm a Stephen Curry classmate. What a time to be alive.) I grew up in Salisbury, just down the road, and went to a super rural high school. I'm an OG, never-missed-a-tour Taylor Swift fan, to a shameless degree. Again… we're among friends here. If that seems all over the place, it's because it is. And one thing I know about this Mood House crew is you do it all, too. You follow all your interests. You're curious about trying new things. You ask me the best questions. I can't wait to dig into it all with you.

In the meantime... Need stress-melting relaxation? We've still got a few signature massage openings this week. And learn more about couples massage and sauna options as well as prenatal massages at Mood House.

See you soon, maybe we make Mood House friendship bracelets or something?! - Cristina Wilson

What Our Clients are Saying

Mood House is so powerful! I slept like a baby last night and today I have so much more brain space.

- Bri C.

Thank you for a safe, relaxing, enjoyable, beautiful, and fun experience.

- Brittany S.

10.5 out of 10 stars if that’s possible. Genius. Perfect. I feel so much better.

- Meghan L.

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