Bath time is getting an upgrade ✨

April 18, 2024

Here on Team Mood, we are bath. people. For me, it's a 2-3x per week ritual. I need a bath salt, a La Croix, a candle and a podcast. Bliss.

In our community, you are loving our signature Calm bath soak and our herbal bath tea (which is also, by the way, the prettiest gift!). And we know just how much you loved our limited edition Holiday Chill bath salt late last year.

I say all of this to say, you are our people, and you just…get it. And that makes this announcement all of the more exciting.

You're in the email fam so of course you're the first to know… We have a new bath product. It's coming soon, and we know you're going to be as obsessed as we are.

Stay tuned! Here's a little hint in the meantime 😉

What Our Clients are Saying

Mood House is so powerful! I slept like a baby last night and today I have so much more brain space.

- Bri C.

Thank you for a safe, relaxing, enjoyable, beautiful, and fun experience.

- Brittany S.

10.5 out of 10 stars if that’s possible. Genius. Perfect. I feel so much better.

- Meghan L.

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