3 journal prompts for your next sauna sesh ✨

June 9, 2024

Our members and team are big sauna power users (we 💜 you!)

We've come to realize there are times to relax, times to reflect, and times to chat with a bestie during those thirty invigorating minutes. It all comes down to what you're feelin' that day.

Either way, you'll soak up some amazing benefits like decreased inflammation, increased circulation, and a much-needed detox (**even more with continued use).

In case you're feeling a reflection session in the next few weeks, we wanted to share a list of three prompts we're loving for spring!

Three journal prompts for your next self-care moment —

What are your top 3 intentions for this month? Is there an affirmation that you can use to hold each intention?

What's one thing you're looking forward to today (or tomorrow if in the evening)? Can you feel the feelings of that activity, now? Bring them into your body.

Cheer yourself on like you would a BFF. What are three compliments you can pay yourself right now?

We hope you enjoy your me-time!✨ Book a sauna session here.

What Our Clients are Saying

Mood House is so powerful! I slept like a baby last night and today I have so much more brain space.

- Bri C.

Thank you for a safe, relaxing, enjoyable, beautiful, and fun experience.

- Brittany S.

10.5 out of 10 stars if that’s possible. Genius. Perfect. I feel so much better.

- Meghan L.

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